• Bhutan festival
    Bhutan festival
  • Happiness is serving my guests
    Happiness is serving my guests
  • Majestic Punakha Dzong
    Majestic Punakha Dzong
  • Happiness calling
    Happiness calling
  • Tiger's nest Hike
    Tiger's nest Hike
  • Black Necked Crane - Phojikha Bhutan
    Black Necked Crane - Phojikha Bhutan
  • Nature tour
    Nature tour
  • Cultural tour
    Cultural tour
  • Jigmi Langtsho --Druk path trek
    Jigmi Langtsho --Druk path trek
  • Morning sunrise - Druk path trek
    Morning sunrise - Druk path trek
  • Taktsang - Tiger's Nest
    Taktsang - Tiger's Nest

Kuentshok Bhutan: reliable gateway to Bhutan

Kuentshok Bhutan Tours and Travel at your service

Kuentshok Bhutan Tours and Travels is one of the licensed Bhutanese tour operators and travel agents accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our main office is located in Thimphu, capital city of Bhutan.

Unfold Bhutan Experience with Kuentshok Bhutan

Bhutan, known for its global leadership in environmental conservation, well-preserved culture and the land of Gross National Happiness, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

Bhutan is a tiny kingdom sandwiched between the two giants of the world: China to the North and India to the South. It’s a Buddhist country with a population of about 700000 people.

We are specialized in the following Bhutan tours:

  • Bhutan Cultural Tours
  • Bhutan Festival Tours
  • Bhutan Trekking Travel Packages
  • Remote villages/farm house Tour with an option for homestay or farmhouse stay (enjoy hot stone bath if you like)
  • Living with Bhutanese Tour (learn Bhutanese lifestyle and participate in their daily chores)
  • Bhutanese Textile Tour
  • Honeymoon Tours
  • Agricultural Tours (organic agriculture practices)
  • Photography Tours
  • Pilgrimage Bhutan Travel Packages

We customize your travel plans at no extra costs

Kuentshok Bhutan’s priority is to ensure our customers’ comfort and safety while fully meeting your expectations (and beyond). We guarantee every stay of yours is a new wondrous experience filled with glorious and breathtaking events. Our main objective is to make your stay a “home away from home”.  Come lets explore the unexplored Bhutan!

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What our guests say about us?

  • Phuntsho and KuenTshok Tours made a real effort to immerse us in the culture and give us access to unparalleled experiences. We had dinner with families, participated in a festival with dancing and darts, meditated at a monastery, ate at a local food fair, and attended the King's birthday celebration! I especially enjoyed seeing the sunrise at DochuLa. Phuntsho was flexible, knowledgeable, and unfailingly cheerful. He made a real effort to tailor our tour to our interests and abilities.

    Ellen, USA
  • I had a really great time in Bhutan this summer. It was lucky to have Tshering touring us�. Bhutan is a must-visit place in ones life, so why not give yourself a break and enjoy the journey in this wonderful country. 今年暑假非常幸運能在不丹度過愉快的假期。在Tshering及導遊親切的帶領下,各個團圓非常enjoy在不丹的悠閒氛圍中��。一生必去的快 樂國度實在令人回味無窮,我也在不丹結識許多好友並相約再次造訪!

    Ruby Chang, Taiwan
  • 感謝不丹這家旅行社的精心安排,讓我們能深入體驗參訪民家生活,在不丹野外享用當地特色餐點,實地蔬果農場拜訪……讓我們玩得盡興&超開心!朋友們!去不丹就找這家旅行社,有超級幽默貼心的導遊&司機,讓你覺得這趟行程真是物超所值,還會想再回來不丹旅遊。

  • We had a wonderful time in Bhutan. Phuntsho is an excellent tour guide. He has a sense of humour in sharing all about Bhutan. He helped us to get back home smoothly earlier than originally planned. It was a spiritual experience, a "must" travel in life time. Definitely recommend this tour!

    Peggy and Robert, Taiwan
  • 푼초싸는 멋쟁이. 배려 깊은 매너로 우리의 여행을 완전히 즐길수 있도록 만들었어요. 또 가고 싶어요. 푼초의 안내를 받으며 부탄의 동부쪽까지 더 오랜 시간 여행하고 싶어요.

    Cho Youngok, South Korea
  • I had one of the bestest trips of my life. The awe of Bhutan's beauty will never fade out of your memory. The cultural values are mind blowing and what makes it more enjoyable is Phuntsho's company. He is super friendly and an awesome guy with whom you will feel like a family. Entertains you and is always ready to have fun! I had been with my husband Vijay and we never felt for a moment in our entire trip ( 7 days and 8 nights) that some guide is accompanying us, rather we loved it when he was around. He makes sure he shows you the right places in the right time, very punctual! Quite sensible and sensitive about what tourists really would love to experience. The hotels that he booked for us were comfortable and food was yummy, especially Hotel Gakyil and Hotel Bhutan!.We would have never made it to the tiger's nest without Phuntsho's patience and encouragement to us to experience it. Overall, I must say it is up to each one of you to choose whether to have one of the most memorable trips, if yes, then KuenTshok Bhutan travels is the right place to trust! Happy journey :)!

    Vidya, Chennai, India
  • 올 8월 나는 친구 두명 친정어머니 그리고 열살 난 딸과 함께 친구와 가족이 뒤섞인 채로 부탄여행을 다녀왔다 오랜 시간 동안 부탄여행은 나의 꿈이었다 사람이 사람답게 산다고 하는 곳, 많은 이들이 말하듯 지구상 마지막 샹그릴라라 불리는 부탄에 직접 가서 정말 그렇게들 살고 있는지 꼭 확인해보고 싶었다 . 열흘도 안 되는 기간동안 여행자의 눈으로 본 부탄이 부탄의 진짜 모습이라고 주장할 용기는 없지만 우리일행을 안내해주고 돌보아준 푼초, 항상 우리를 즐겁게 한 준 한국어가이드 칼마 그리고 여행 내내 우리의 안전을 책임지고 벼랑끄트머리를 한 뼘 남기고도 운전을 할 수 있음을 보여준 킨초를 보면서 부탄에서 살고 있는 사림들의 사람냄새를 맡을 수 있었다 부탄의 경치는 물론 아름답다 여행을 다녀온 딸은 요즘의 우리나라 하늘을 보며 우리나라 하늘이랑 부탄하늘이랑 다르다며 부탄하늘의 구름이 더 선명하다고 말한다 나는 아이가 좀 더 자라 이번 여행을 기억할 때 부탄의 하늘과 함께 그 맑고 푸른 하늘을 닮은 사람들의 미소도 함께 기억하리라 기대한다 여행은 만남이라 생각한다 자연과의 만남 인간이 만든 구조물과의 만남 그리고 그 곳에서 사는 사람들과의 만남. 그 만남 속에서 자신의 모습을 다시 되돌아보게 되고.. 그런 의미에서 이번 여행에서 나에게 부탄의 모습을 진솔하게 보여준 푼초에게 감사의 인사를 하고싶다 Thank you Puncho!

    Kim, South Korea
  • We had such a wonderful time in Bhutan! In the beautiful mountains we found a peaceful world. Thank you Tshering to show us around not just as a guide but more as a friend. We may live in different parts of the world yet the world is not faraway when we are friends! Thanks to share with us the kindness and happiness of Bhutan. We’ll come back again. Best, Jenny  

    Jenny Chen, USA
  • Having grown up in China and India respectively, Jenny and I always wanted to visit Bhutan. We met Tshering through a mutual friend, and we hit it off with him immediately. He planned and executed every little detail on our visit impeccably. We experienced the beauty and kindness of Bhutanese culture, and went back with the loveliest memories etched in our minds forever. I feel a special emotional connection with Bhutan and I'm sure I will keep going back again!

    Amod Dange, USA
  • Phuntsho, we couldn't have asked for a better tour leader- your caring and compassion for our group was always very apparent. we leave Bhutan feeling a deep love and admiration for its conscious development. It gives us more faith for the planet. It has been an honor to share time with you and your country. We wish you, your wife and the touring company success and happiness. Know that you have friends in Colorado.

    Kim Chang & Jim Condit, Colorado, USA
  • A Deep gratitude for having the best tour guide (Phuntsho) ever in experiencing your beautiful Bhutan. Thanks for all your kindness and generosity of spirit.

    Sarah & Carole, USA
  • Thank you for a very special and wonderful tour of your beautiful Bhutan. We loved it!

    Michael and Carol, USA
  • 謝謝Phuntsho與團隊們(司機Tenzin、Jamyang,翻譯Kinley)。Phuntsho爽朗的笑聲讓人印象深刻;Tenzin開車技術一流,再顛簸的路面都不暈車;Kinley的中文翻譯也讓我們對藏傳佛教與不丹的歷史文化及現況有了更加深入的了解。 這趟不丹旅程充滿了開心的回憶:見識了各式各樣雄偉的宗堡、神聖的佛教寺院、策秋祭典、戶外野餐、當地市集、純樸的農村景觀與友善親切的人 們,Phuntsho還為我們安排了多次的冥想靜坐,使人充滿了能量。很感謝Phuntsho為我們安排了這些精緻美好的行程,希望能再度拜訪這美麗的雷 龍之國,也推薦給大家

    Yichin Chen, Taiwan 21 April - 4 May 2018

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