Unfold unique experiences in Bhutan with Kuentshok Bhutan

Kuentshok Bhutan Tours and Travels is one of the licensed Bhutanese tour operators and travel agents accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our main office is located in Thimphu, capital city of Bhutan. Unfold Bhutan Experience with Kuentshok Bhutan Tours. Bhutan, known for its global leadership in environmental conservation, well-preserved culture and the land of Gross National Happiness, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Bhutan is a tiny kingdom sandwiched between the two giants of the world: China to the North and India to the South. It’s a Buddhist country with a population of about 700000 people. 

We are specialized in the following Bhutan tours: 

  1. Bhutan Cultural Tours Bhutan 
  2. Festival Tours Bhutan 
  3. Trekking Travel Packages 
  4. Remote villages/farm house Tour with an option for home stay or farmhouse stay (enjoy hot stone bath if you like)Living with Bhutanese Tour (learn Bhutanese lifestyle and participate in their daily chores) 
  5. Bhutanese Textile Tour
  6. Bhutanese Traditional Wedding celebration
  7. Honeymoon Tours 
  8. Agricultural Tours (organic agriculture practices) 
  9. Photography Tours 
  10. Pilgrimage Bhutan Travel Packages 
  11. River Rafting

We customize your travel plans at no extra costs. Kuentshok Bhutan’s priority is to ensure our customers’ comfort and safety while fully meeting your expectations (and beyond). We guarantee every stay of yours is a new wondrous experience filled with glorious and breathtaking events. Our main objective is to make your stay a “home away from home”. Come lets explore the unexplored Bhutan!