I had the privilege of spending a week with Tshering Phuntso, founder of KuenTshok Tours and our personal guide, while visiting magnificent Bhutan, where we covered all of the West in eight days, including the main highlights of Tigers Nest, Punakha Dzong and the Valley Of The Cranes.

Not only is Phuntso a supremely knowledgeable guide, he is a wonderful human being — compassionate, graceful, patient, generous and wise. Phuntso did an amazing job of tailoring the tour to us after he got a sense of what we were interested in and how we moved. As we are keen on photography, he went out of his way to find us the best spots when the light was simply magical.

Phuntso also continually surprised us. The hike to icy Chimphu Falls to see a hidden sanctuary and floating Buddha was one of many little detours and side trips deliberately kept off the itinerary so as to take our breath away.

We even had the pleasure to meet Phuntso’s lovely wife when she joined us on a picnic by a river in the forest.

With KuenTshok Tours, you are getting an expert tour guide (even our driver Kuenly was an ace birdwatcher), who treats you like family. I cannot recommend them highly enough, both as professionals and as people. We were lucky to have had them, they helped us see what a special and unforgettable place Bhutan is.

Matteo Gomez, USA and Sandro Gomez, Yale University, USA March 2019


Bhutan is as beautiful and more than as described in the many reviews! Starting with the descent into Paro and exclaiming “Nancy the Himalayas!”. We visited in early December, the skies were blue, crystal clear and the vistas amazing. I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains, valleys, and temples and even more impressed by the roads and sheer engineering feats. December also gifted us with a surprise snowfall in the Gangtey valley.

Our guide Phuntsho has an incredibly wide range of knowledge and answered dozens of questions on many topics such as Buddhist history and practices, current events, the environment, the economy, women’s rights, life in society today, and hydroelectric projects that we saw under construction. I described our driver, Dorji as having “nerves of steel”, he was focused and one of the most skillful drivers I have seen anywhere in the world. (Morocco Atlas Mountains comes to mind!).
Both Phuntsho and Dorjie accommodated the many changing needs of our group of 3. They were so helpful, anticipated our needs and easily handled changes to the original plan. Phuntsho was even able to retrieve an item that Nancy had left on the aircraft!
An unanticipated highlight of the trip was that it was like a 12-day road trip with friends visiting temples and monasteries, rural areas, archery and dart matches, black neck cranes in Gangtey valley, farmhouses, and a festival in Trongsa. They knew many people along the way and appeared to be old friends with a quite a number of them.
It was a joy for me to visit bucolic Bhutan and experience the country with Phuntsho and Dorjie. As Phuntsho says “we can plan and accommodate any size group”. With this in mind I highly recommend you contact KuenTshok Bhutan Travels and Tours.

Sandie Wood, Peace Corp Volunteer, USA January 2019

KBT tour is thee Best! They don’t treat you like a tourist, they treat you like a guest!!! Every whim is catered to and you can be assured that you will understand Bhutan-the people and the culture! It’s very enlightening and our guide Tsering Phuntsho was truly engaging! His Team are just that! They pull together to please!
The food was fresh and AmaZing! The hotels were Wonderful with views or birds singing or river rushing or all three! Truly a Treat!
I can’t wait to have this chance again!

Flissa Mannella, USA, 2018


Yichin Chen, Taiwan, May 2018

KBT is the by far one of the best tours that I have ever signed up for. It was literally all VIP service from Day 1 to Day 5. From the moment we landed to the airport we got a super warm welcome from Tshering Phuntsho. It didn’t feel like it was the first time we met because he was that friendly. The accommodations of the hotel was superb, we had suchhhh a nice view at every place. The meals were delicious and we were super full every day. Our driver Nim ICee was one of the most calm and professional drivers I have ever met and he was a man with many jokes. Being together with them for the 5 days we were Bhutan opened my eyes to the beauty of Bhutan. I can’t wait until we go back in the future but by far, I HIGHLYYYY recommend booking through it through KBT because you will not regret it! Thank you Tshering and Nima for the superb time and experience!!!

Josephina and Alex, 2018 Bhutan Trip

I had one of the bestest trips of my life. The awe of Bhutan’s beauty will never fade out of your memory. The cultural values are mind blowing and what makes it more enjoyable is Phuntsho’s company. He is super friendly and an awesome guy with whom you will feel like a family. Entertains you and is always ready to have fun! I had been with my husband Vijay and we never felt for a moment in our entire trip ( 7 days and 8 nights) that some guide is accompanying us, rather we loved it when he was around. He makes sure he shows you the right places in the right time, very punctual! Quite sensible and sensitive about what tourists really would love to experience. The hotels that he booked for us were comfortable and food was yummy, especially Hotel Gakyil and Hotel Bhutan!.We would have never made it to the tiger’s nest without Phuntsho’s patience and encouragement to us to experience it. Overall, I must say it is up to each one of you to choose whether to have one of the most memorable trips, if yes, then KuenTshok Bhutan travels is the right place to trust! Happy journey :)!

Vidya, India, 2017

I had a really great time in Bhutan this summer. It was lucky to have Tshering touring us. Bhutan is a must-visit place in ones life, so why not give yourself a break and enjoy the journey in this wonderful country.

Ruby Chang, Taiwan, 2016

We had a wonderful time in Bhutan. Phuntsho is an excellent tour guide. He has a sense of humour in sharing all about Bhutan.
He helped us to get back home smoothly earlier than originally planned.
It was a spiritual experience, a “must” travel in life time. Definitely recommend this tour!

Robert and Peggy, USA 2016


Phuntsho and KuenTshok Tours made a real effort to immerse us in the culture and give us access to unparalleled experiences. We had dinner with families, participated in a festival with dancing and darts, meditated at a monastery, ate at a local food fair, and attended the King’s birthday celebration! I especially enjoyed seeing the sunrise at DochuLa.
Phuntsho was flexible, knowledgeable, and unfailingly cheerful. He made a real effort to tailor our tour to our interests and abilities.

Ellen, USA Bhutan Trip 2015